Tonight I went out to dinner and a movie with the sweetest, cutest guy.  I’m still smiling about it.

He didn’t pay for anything, but I forgave him that, since he was such completely charming company.  We split a lovely Middle Eastern dinner.  He spilled a lot of his rice down the front of his shirt, and didn’t always use utensils when he ate, but I was willing to overlook it, since he was just so cute and fun.  When he crawled under the table, I got a little embarrassed, but I just took a deep breath and smiled.  After all, I was so happy to be out with this special guy.

After dinner, we made it to the 6:55 pm screening of Bolt, the latest Disney flick about a lovable dog and his sidekicks: an alley cat and a hamster who rolls around in a plastic orb.  Not what I would have ordinarily picked, but he insisted, so I was willing to give it a try.  In the theater, he spilled half of his popcorn, and then started to eat the spilled contents off the floor.  That stressed me out some, but I finally convinced him to sit in his seat and watch the movie.  We then held hands and snuggled throughout the film.

After the movie was over, my “date” pitched a fit by the elevator because he didn’t want to go home.  That’s right ladies, he didn’t want the date to end.  He then fell asleep in the car on the way home, and I carried him upstairs and tucked him into bed.

Tonight, there was no one else I would have rather been out with.  My almost-three year old is truly the most wonderful guy in my life.  I’m the most blessed mother in the world to have such fabulous spawn.