The metamorphosis.  It’s happening.  I feel as if I am going through some kind of awakening, down to my DNA.  Old, long-buried loves are being resurrected in my heart, and it feels extraordinary.  Recently, I’ve gotten obsessed with GarageBand, which I’ve just discovered on my new Mac (no, I swear I don’t work for Apple).  This has gotten me all pumped about putting my spoken word poetry to music.  It’s amazing.  You don’t need a studio or a band or a DJ - you can mix it all yourself.  I’ve already mixed up a couple of tracks in two days - they’re rough and need a great deal of work, but I am just having the best time doing it.  

My goal is to make a CD of my spoken word poetry, set to beats and music, and to start hawking it at readings around town.  I’ve very much missed performing.  Pre-Sami I used to perform sometimes four or five times a week at different venues around the District.  

At this point, I’m ready to try for once or twice a month at some open mics around town.  Having a CD would be a great way to make some actual money at poetry - assuming people like my rhymes, which I hope they will.

It’s funny.  I was talking with a friend about how I need allies in fulfilling my dreams - that I don’t feel like I can do it alone.  He agreed, but suggested that if I set the intention, I’ll attract the allies to me.  And damn, if he wasn’t right.  Today I had lunch with an old friend from my Palestine organizing days, and come to find out that she is a DJ and offered to help me tighten up my tracks.  I sent a rough cut to another friend, who also has been doing a lot of multimedia work with sound and video and SHE offered to help me with my work as well.  This all happened today.  

I feel so blessed and so intoxicated - this is equally as exhilarating as being in love!  I am falling in love, I suppose, with my poetry — an art I thought I abandoned.  Now that old love is coming back, and I am swept away. 

So…that being said I will do my darnedest to keep up this blog, because it is so special to me.  The posts may be a bit shorter, as I am kicking some rhymes in my bedroom after my kid has gone to sleep, my usual blogging prime-time. Yesterday evening I was in a manic frenzy.  I didn’t get to bed until 1 am, which is way too late for this early-rising mama.  I’ll try to be a bit less manic tonight.  

I am remembering Ariel Gore of Hip Mama fame, whose talk I attended at a Green Festival while I was pregnant.  During the Q & A session, I asked some question which indicated my fear of losing my creative self in motherhood.  She assured me that I need not worry, that I would find a way to do it.

And between blogging, and this new CD project, I am.  Thanks Ariel, for the encouragement.