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I almost forgot to blog about my one year anniversary as a single parent, caught up as I was in the MoTH thing.
I can feel the visceral coolness of that early morning, sitting on the balcony in my ex’s apartment, our ninth wedding anniversary, November 25, 2007.  We smoked a cigarette and he casually told [...]

Making my way back

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It has been nearly three months since I last posted on this blog. Can it really have been that long?
At the end of November, on our ninth wedding anniversary, my ex dropped the bomb that he had found a new girlfriend and didn’t want to reconcile with me after all. Something in me snapped. [...]

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Welcome to this blog - my chronicle of the illuminating, character-building path of single parenthood. I'm making this up as I go along. My life is my practice, and my five year-old son is my greatest teacher.