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There are a lot of things that my ex used to do that I never had to worry about.  Car stuff was one of them.  We had a very traditional relationship, and very untraditional too, in that he handled the guy stuff AND most of the girl stuff.  He basically took care of everything Grown-up [...]

I am currently reading a book entitled Dark Night of the Soul by Thomas Moore, and I am very much appreciating the way he puts despair into a cultural and mythological context.  So unlike the bland psychological approaches that dominate our culture today.  Even I, as a professional critic of the mental health industry and [...]

On Friday I had an acupuncture treatment that had me weeping.  I was shocked by the force of my tears.  Here I was, seated, with needles down my spine, my head resting on the treatment table, and the tears hit me at 80 miles an hour.  They came out in a burst and cleared as quickly as they [...]

I remember this feeling.
I like to refer to it as Grinding Loneliness.
And in my better days, I like to refer to it as Much - Needed Solitude.
Right now I am in a Grinding Loneliness verging on a Much-Needed Solitude kind of mood.
But I’m restless.  I considered signing up for JDate again.  Tell me: Noooooooooooooo, don’t [...]


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As of about 1:15 this afternoon, I got divorced, in the same DC Superior Court where I married my now ex-husband.
Flashback to 1998. I was 23, and my ex was 25. Our marriage ceremony appointment was scheduled for November 25. As we were getting dressed to go to the courthouse on our [...]

Home again.

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“We’re going to Sami’s house!” Sami crowed from the backseat as we sped down 495 towards home. Never mind that it felt like Dante’s inferno as we stepped out of the airport, never mind that it must be 102 degrees in my bedroom, where the A/C doesn’t seem to reach, never mind that [...]

For some reason, his father and I started calling Sami “Sami su-su” when he was a baby and it has just stuck.
Tonight, my sweet boy woke up at midnight looking for me. I sat down beside his bed for a moment, looking into those huge old-man eyes of his. He stared at me [...]

My ex’s teeth

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A light blue cast of my ex’s lower teeth sits on top of my toilet, a bizarre bit of sculpture that I can’t seem to part with. Every time I go to the toilet I think about putting them away or emailing him to ask him if he wants them for future dental-related issues. [...]

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