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Discipline is not my strong suit these days.
My sitting practice - more or less out the window.
Mindful eating/consumption? Not so much. My ass is slowly but surely expanding, a universe of its own, and I’ve moved to elastic waistbands for the time being.
Exercise? If you count carrying a kicking, screaming 42-pound preschooler out of Target, [...]

I’m tired so tired not a fan of this feeling that life is passing me by and my child grew an inch I swear while I was gone for four days in CA and sometimes I feel like when I am with him I am not really with him because my mind is always wandering [...]

This is a very special time of year for me when New Age Mama comes out in full force.  It is the Aries New Moon - the astrological new year, so to speak.  A ritual that I began for the first time last year was to make what is called a “treasure map” - a [...]

I can’t make this s–t up.

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Life is just so damn weird sometimes.
I think about these circuitous paths and wonder: how much is destiny?  How much is free will?  I won’t try to figure out this age-old theological debate tonight, but just putting it out there that I sit with these questions sometimes.
Last night was one of my mama-gone-wild Friday nights, [...]

Soon to be inked.

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Ever since I was a rebellious teenager, I have wanted to get a tattoo. 
Luckily for me, I did not get tattooed at any point along the way.  It’s likely that I would now be cringing at what I would have picked then.  I was a “goth” as a teen and it probably would been something [...]


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I’ve neglected my sweet little blog for too long now.  A whole week!  
Life has left me at a loss for words - I’m always processing, processing, processing - that’s what I do.  But lately I’ve been going through an odd period of offline metamorphosis. 
I’ve been sleeping a lot - it’s as if I’m catching [...]

I’ve had a few empowering experiences in the past few days that cause me to have renewed trust in the unfolding of life.  They are both little things, but it is often the little things in life that are the most awe-inspiring to me. 
The first one happened last night: Sami’s dad came with me to the school to [...]

Reading Single Mom Seeking’s recent post about how confusing dating can be, all I can say is that I truly relate.  
I always feel like I am doing it wrong, like I scare guys away with my intensity, with some needy vibe that I don’t even realize that I am giving off.  I’ve concluded that [...]

(This is a post that I wrote on and off through my stay in California, battling my grandmother’s virus-addled PC.  Hope you don’t catch anything!  - MamaDharma)
Tonight I read a stunning interview in The Sun Magazine (excerpted online but really worth reading in its entirety) with Kittissaro and Thanissara, a couple who lived as Buddhist monks [...]

I almost forgot to blog about my one year anniversary as a single parent, caught up as I was in the MoTH thing.
I can feel the visceral coolness of that early morning, sitting on the balcony in my ex’s apartment, our ninth wedding anniversary, November 25, 2007.  We smoked a cigarette and he casually told [...]

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