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(This is a post that I wrote on and off through my stay in California, battling my grandmother’s virus-addled PC.  Hope you don’t catch anything!  - MamaDharma)
Tonight I read a stunning interview in The Sun Magazine (excerpted online but really worth reading in its entirety) with Kittissaro and Thanissara, a couple who lived as Buddhist monks [...]

I almost forgot to blog about my one year anniversary as a single parent, caught up as I was in the MoTH thing.
I can feel the visceral coolness of that early morning, sitting on the balcony in my ex’s apartment, our ninth wedding anniversary, November 25, 2007.  We smoked a cigarette and he casually told [...]

Lavender oil on my fingertips.

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Ah, I have such wonderful friends.
I called my dear friend G in tears last night because the person who was supposed to email me with the information on Ricky’s funeral got my email address wrong and I missed it.  G was going to call, but she assumed I had gotten the email but couldn’t go. [...]

Worlds collide…

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Yesterday was the second time in two weeks that I attended grown-up events. This has shaken me up a bit. Last night I went to a baby shower and going away party for my friend L, who is almost 7 months pregnant and moving to CA. It was so joyous to celebrate [...]

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