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I’m thinking about this 180 degree shift from dis- to re- empowerment and how it feels like my life has just split wide open.  Much of the overlay of victimhood has dropped away and I am simply seeing things as they are, for the first time in a long while.  I’ve become so much aware [...]

Today I have experienced some powerful shifts that have reframed the way I look at my single parent life.  I have been holding on to a lot of beliefs that no longer serve, and now I see them for what they are: not truth, certainly not Truth, just stories that I like to tell myself [...]

Drenched in shadow and light.

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Today was like a sunny day after a storm.  How amazingly everything arises and passes away.  These days I feel on an emotional par with my preschooler.  I am either throwing a tantrum or giggling with delight.
Last night I reached a very tormented place.  Fears crowded around me and I could not get any distance [...]

Partly cloudy mind and heart

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It was a stellar spring day in the Washington, DC area — mild, a slight breeze, no oppressive humidity levels. Today was Cinco de Mayo and I got the idea to take Sami to a street festival in downtown Silver Spring. I called another single mama friend and we made a plan to [...]

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Welcome to this blog - my chronicle of the illuminating, character-building path of single parenthood. I'm making this up as I go along. My life is my practice, and my five year-old son is my greatest teacher.