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Sick and tired…

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Literally, I am sick and tired…my throat burns, my eyes sting.  I should be in bed, watching the DVD of the Yacoubian Building that I ordered from Netflix.  But I’m here instead, reflecting on this odd, odd existence.
The world feels like it is crashing and burning all around and then I see that this state [...]

Today I have experienced some powerful shifts that have reframed the way I look at my single parent life.  I have been holding on to a lot of beliefs that no longer serve, and now I see them for what they are: not truth, certainly not Truth, just stories that I like to tell myself [...]

Spicy noodles

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My son is a bonafide picky eater. I’m not terribly worried about it because he is, after all, 38 lbs. I don’t exactly fear for his health. But every time Sami eats a new food, I am sort of irrationally happy about it. Tonight it was lo mein noodles. OK, [...]

"I did it!"

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On the table beside me are two men’s handkerchiefs, a small red Bic lighter, a dark red penknife, and a silver watch.
These are items that fell out of my father’s suitcase this evening, the one that I will be giving away as part of my fall cleansing process. The handkerchief still smells of [...]

Today I went through Sami’s baby clothes, trying to decide what to sell and what to give away. I catalogued each item, and will type it up into an organized post on Craigs List. “Expecting a Winter Baby? Everything You Need is Here!!” I will organize the onesies and the t-shirts, [...]

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