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On August 2, I turned 34, and soon after, had a mini breakdown. It could have just been really bad PMS, but it felt like more than that.
I am perfecting the art of the mini-breakdown. It involves a few days of intense crying jags, not feeling real, barely being able to work, calling all my [...]

Today would have been my mother’s 59th birthday.  I miss you, Gail Susan Harris, 13 years since you passed on.  Poet, priestess, visionary, artist, friend, lover, and mother - you live in my heart always.  As the lines to one of my many poems written in your honor said:
You breathed out what was left of [...]

I am currently reading a book entitled Dark Night of the Soul by Thomas Moore, and I am very much appreciating the way he puts despair into a cultural and mythological context.  So unlike the bland psychological approaches that dominate our culture today.  Even I, as a professional critic of the mental health industry and [...]

“Our children are always doing the best they can to stay connected to their BIGness — in a world that expects them to be small.” – Scott Noelle
Being a writer has helped me to mend my relationship with the written word. As a little girl and a young woman, words were used by powerful people [...]

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Welcome to this blog - my chronicle of the illuminating, character-building path of single parenthood. I'm making this up as I go along. My life is my practice, and my five year-old son is my greatest teacher.