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A good friend remarked to me today that she thought my challenge was not single parenting, but relationships.
I do believe she’s right.
Not that single parenting is not without its challenges. I’ve wrestled with how much to write about my child, when he is too young to event understand the concept of consent?
For this reason I [...]

Discipline is not my strong suit these days.
My sitting practice - more or less out the window.
Mindful eating/consumption? Not so much. My ass is slowly but surely expanding, a universe of its own, and I’ve moved to elastic waistbands for the time being.
Exercise? If you count carrying a kicking, screaming 42-pound preschooler out of Target, [...]

I’m tired so tired not a fan of this feeling that life is passing me by and my child grew an inch I swear while I was gone for four days in CA and sometimes I feel like when I am with him I am not really with him because my mind is always wandering [...]


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I am aware that over the last few months my post count on this blog has dipped dramatically.  So much of what I wrote about included the ins and outs of my dating life.  The constant search for love, for a man, for “the one.”  The good, the bad, and the ugly results of that [...]


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I’ve neglected my sweet little blog for too long now.  A whole week!  
Life has left me at a loss for words - I’m always processing, processing, processing - that’s what I do.  But lately I’ve been going through an odd period of offline metamorphosis. 
I’ve been sleeping a lot - it’s as if I’m catching [...]

I’ve had a few empowering experiences in the past few days that cause me to have renewed trust in the unfolding of life.  They are both little things, but it is often the little things in life that are the most awe-inspiring to me. 
The first one happened last night: Sami’s dad came with me to the school to [...]

Once upon a potty…

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Sami is just a little over 3 years old, and I’ve finally gotten around to starting toilet learning with him.  (I don’t really like the term “potty training” because it kind of sounds like boot camp to me.)  In the scheme of things, it is not incredibly late, and I’ve read about some studies that [...]

Certainly contrary to The Rules, or other such advice about not pursuing men, I sent MTM an email yesterday.  I decided to make one last attempt to clear up the question marks.
Hope you had a fun inauguration weekend.

Also wanted to ask: is everything ok?  I thought we had a really nice connection at brunch, [...]

Today I was reflecting on impermanence and how extraordinary it is and how when we realize, truly realize that everything in life is impermanent, how it can set us free.
This week I was in a hardened shell of anger and self-righteousness towards my ex.  Then, with one apology, it all changed.  With the willingness to [...]

But first: a ”Baby Daddy” Update.  Exhaling deeply.  There has been a break in the persistent awfulness of this past week.   
I cringe when I read about the horror and devastation happening in Israel and Palestine.
Is it possible that there could be one less Jew and Arab fighting in the world?
Last night, I listened to somebody [...]

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