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I have neglected this blog for so long, it almost feels silly to start it back up again. Being a blogger takes a lot of work and discipline and I have just been too overwhelmed with life to put in the effort. Yet, I miss the practice. I am not going to make any promises [...]

“I love you more than everything” from Leah Harris on Vimeo.

I am a notorious killer of plants.
My body amazed and awed me by growing a baby inside itself and then birthing him out, yet I have never quite managed to keep a plant alive. Even cactuses would wither and die under my fierce neglect. I took my very non-green thumb as a mark of shame, [...]

Belated Mother’s Day post…

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Despite my best intentions, I missed posting here on Mother’s Day - I was too busy scrambling around trying to get ready for a three-day work trip. 
But it was a beautiful and action-packed day - my house guest, J, made us a wonderful breakfast - omelette, homemade hash browns, and a Bloody Mary. I took [...]

March is already here, arriving with a fierce blanket of snow.  
Life is speeding by so, we did not yet get a chance to play in it.  If it had been up to me, I would have taken a snow day, but work called, so off we went, two hours late.
I looked out the window [...]


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I’ve neglected my sweet little blog for too long now.  A whole week!  
Life has left me at a loss for words - I’m always processing, processing, processing - that’s what I do.  But lately I’ve been going through an odd period of offline metamorphosis. 
I’ve been sleeping a lot - it’s as if I’m catching [...]

Certainly contrary to The Rules, or other such advice about not pursuing men, I sent MTM an email yesterday.  I decided to make one last attempt to clear up the question marks.
Hope you had a fun inauguration weekend.

Also wanted to ask: is everything ok?  I thought we had a really nice connection at brunch, [...]

Yes, we did.

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Today was a magical day, a glorious day.  The feeling I get when I contemplate this new leader of ours is simply beyond description.  
I did not head out onto the Mall with the millions cheering on our 44th president.  I knew my feisty three year old would not have been very tolerant of hours-long [...]

(This is a post that I wrote on and off through my stay in California, battling my grandmother’s virus-addled PC.  Hope you don’t catch anything!  - MamaDharma)
Tonight I read a stunning interview in The Sun Magazine (excerpted online but really worth reading in its entirety) with Kittissaro and Thanissara, a couple who lived as Buddhist monks [...]

“Doc Hudson is my daddy!”

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“I had a good time with that big guy!”
“What’s the big guy’s name, honey?”
He says H’s name.
“That’s right!  Is H your daddy?”
“Yes.” (then, after some thought) “No!  He’s not my daddy, silly, he’s my friend!”
 “Who’s your daddy, then?”
“Doc Hudson.”
As sad as it is, I just had to laugh.  Here I am buggin’ about all of this, [...]

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