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I believe that in this world all matter is interconnected - what influences the inner influences the outer, and vice-versa.  My new tattoo is a perfect example of this principle.
I feel as if I have undergone an initiation of sorts.  I am marked for life.  So many experiences have marked me for life in the [...]

Today would have been my mother’s 59th birthday.  I miss you, Gail Susan Harris, 13 years since you passed on.  Poet, priestess, visionary, artist, friend, lover, and mother - you live in my heart always.  As the lines to one of my many poems written in your honor said:
You breathed out what was left of [...]

March is already here, arriving with a fierce blanket of snow.  
Life is speeding by so, we did not yet get a chance to play in it.  If it had been up to me, I would have taken a snow day, but work called, so off we went, two hours late.
I looked out the window [...]

The metamorphosis.  It’s happening.  I feel as if I am going through some kind of awakening, down to my DNA.  Old, long-buried loves are being resurrected in my heart, and it feels extraordinary.  Recently, I’ve gotten obsessed with GarageBand, which I’ve just discovered on my new Mac (no, I swear I don’t work for Apple). [...]

Soon to be inked.

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Ever since I was a rebellious teenager, I have wanted to get a tattoo. 
Luckily for me, I did not get tattooed at any point along the way.  It’s likely that I would now be cringing at what I would have picked then.  I was a “goth” as a teen and it probably would been something [...]

My son and his father are quietly playing downstairs as I write this.  They are drawing pictures together at the dining room table and I am staying out of their way as they re-establish their bond.  Earlier in the morning, they were playing upstairs, loudly and boisterously, and H was throwing Sami around and doing [...]

December 10, 2008
How do I love thee, Sami G?
Let me count the ways.
Let me start this 3rd birthday tribute by declaring that you are the sweetest being I’ve ever known.  I still have many days when I look at you in wonder and amazement.  I can’t believe you’re my son.  How did I get the [...]

Why is it that I keep attracting men who “poof?”
I can’t bring myself to go into the details of what happened this weekend.  It is still too painful, too raw, too embarrassing.  I don’t know if I can even go there at all on this blog. I plan to do some private writing to begin [...]

Oh, my.  On days like these I am reminded of how fragile I can be sometimes.
All it takes is “a thing” to get me spiraling.  And there’s almost always “a thing.”  Life is full of them.
Work was hard today.  I can’t really write about it because I feel weird writing about work stuff on this [...]

“Mommy, I so love you!” declares Sami at least once a day.
Does he know what this means?  I don’t know, nor do I care, because it’s just wonderful to hear.  He says it joyfully, authentically. 
I’d like to think he’s picked it up from me.  I tell him I love him all the darn time.  I [...]

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