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For the past few days I have been sitting with rejection.  I applied for a master nonfiction class at a local creative writing center, and got rejected.  By a former professor, no less!
To say that this initially caused me to feel like shit is an understatement.
But then I started to look at it another way: [...]

For some reason, his father and I started calling Sami “Sami su-su” when he was a baby and it has just stuck.
Tonight, my sweet boy woke up at midnight looking for me. I sat down beside his bed for a moment, looking into those huge old-man eyes of his. He stared at me [...]

"I did it!"

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On the table beside me are two men’s handkerchiefs, a small red Bic lighter, a dark red penknife, and a silver watch.
These are items that fell out of my father’s suitcase this evening, the one that I will be giving away as part of my fall cleansing process. The handkerchief still smells of [...]

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