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Coming up for air from NaNoWriMo

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I love this blog of mine, though my posts are not as prolific as they once were.
The writing life is still for me. I am doing National Novel Writing Month, and so this will take up much of the rest of my free time. But I will try to come in here and give some [...]

I have been neglecting this poor blog all summer, but I’d like to think that I have a bit of a good excuse.
I was busy recording a spoken word album, working with a professional producer here in DC. This is how my life goes; when I take on a new project, something else gets neglected. [...]

I’m on a compassion jag and I can’t stop it.
I have been gathering up Sami’s baby gear to donate to a local thrift store, but then as I was looking at those two bags of stuff sitting there in the front hallway this evening, it hit me that I know someone who can really use [...]

Two weeks later, the BlogHer 2008 conference is still so much on my mind.  I absolutely adored the conference and learned so much that I am not even close to assimilating it all.  But there was one aspect about the conference that bothered me, in hindsight.  Perhaps it was a function of the conference being [...]

For the past few days I have been sitting with rejection.  I applied for a master nonfiction class at a local creative writing center, and got rejected.  By a former professor, no less!
To say that this initially caused me to feel like shit is an understatement.
But then I started to look at it another way: [...]

I haven’t yet had a chance to write about one of the biggest transitions I’ve experienced in this three years’ worth of intense transitions.  On October 6, I started a full-time job at a nonprofit downtown that does suicide prevention work.  I am so relieved to have a job in this economy.  I am trying [...]

It’s fun to be blogging again!

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After all the heaviness of recent posts, I just have to say that it feels awesome to be blogging again, gosh darn it.
I also have been catching up on reading a lot of other peoples’ blogs. It is with some embarrassment that I admit that I hadn’t figured out how to subscribe to blogs [...]

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